"SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Krissi Moses –  Freak! (self released) :: She coos…just like a woman, yes she does. She chirps…just like a woman, yes she does. And she cajoles…just like a woman. But she breaks your balustrade into a puddle of oozing mush like a little girl with a sledgehammer in her vengeful mitts because this titanic tart isn't a super freak by any stretch of your feeble imagination: she’s a super ultra mega freak who reeks with enough pouty perky vocal punk attitude to slaw your drooling slack-jawed visage a permanent skin peel while her band cranks out enough primo power pop to make you wanna grab her by the hand; track down a preacher man and change her name so that you can be her next willing victim . "
– Jeffrey Morgan: official biographer of Alice Cooper & The Stooges
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"THE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT FALLS ON KRISSI MOSES –  This week at The Indie Music Source Mothpod.com… It all gets laid out in this episode; individualism, politics, culture, how artists are perfectionists, and how sound editing is a torturous venture meant for the insanely dedicated…. . "
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